2023 Election

The Society for Cryobiology 2022 election will be held October 2 - 16, 2023.

DOWNLOAD ELECTION MATERIALS  & Candidate biographies

To learn more about these roles and their responsibilities, please consult the SfC bylaws

Meet the Candidates 

Voting Method

For Officers: Each voter must rank the candidates in order of preference. The highest ranked candidate is the winner.
For Governors: Each voter is assigned 100 points to allocate to one or more governor candidates e.g. a voting member could give one candidate all 100 points, or divide points between any number of selected candidates.  All candidates are ranked by cumulative points. The winners are the three top ranked candidates.

Voting Instructions 

All members in good standing will receive an email in advance of the election to the email address listed in their member profile with a personalized one-time-use voting link to cast their vote anonymously at simplyvoting.com. Please check your ballot carefully before you submit as you are not able to edit your vote once it has been submitted. If you have not received your voting link by the time the election has opened please check your spam/junk email folder and then contact Nicole Evans.

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