Cryobiology Historical Preservation

The Society for Cryobiology has had a long-standing interest in preserving unique equipment, photographs, and other historical objects and documents that describe memorable developments in the history of the science of cryobiology. In essence, we would like to build a museum of cryobiology, but that task requires preventing the loss of priceless historical artifacts while we still can.

Under the leadership of SfC Governor, Christina Walters, the Society has been granted permission to utilize space at the Agricultural Genetic Resources Preservation Research in Fort Collins, CO, part of the USDA.  Here we will store and display Items of Significance, which may include:


  • Books, Papers and Journals 
  • Bibliographies
  • Photographs and Slides
  • Film and Video Recordings 
  • Sound Recordings
  • Apparatus and equipment
  • Ephemera (letters, programs, etc)
  • Other

The Society is now seeking committee volunteers to assist with two main tasks:

  1. Identify and secure digital and physical assets of historical significance for inclusion in the archive/museum
  2. Create procedures and forms for registering digital and physical assets for inclusion in the collection and transferring the objects to the above-described repository.

Several passionate and committed volunteers have already started to work on this project, but we require additional committee members to share the load. For an informal discussion, to contribute an Item of Significance, or to volunteer, please contact Nicole Evans at [email protected].