Host A Meeting

Are you interested in showcasing your local cryobiology group and part of the world to a global audience of cryobiology colleagues? 

In keeping with our policy on diversity, equity and inclusion, we particularly welcome proposals from countries in Asia, the Middle East, South America, and other countries which have not been under represented at our previous annual meetings

What makes an ideal Society for Cryobiology Annual Meeting location?

  • A venue (academic, hotel, or other) which can accommodate approximately 200 in person delegates over 4 days in July with 
    • Plenary/General Session Room (200 people)
    • 2x Breakout Rooms (50-60 people each)
    • Exhibition/Poster Space 
  • Nearby or onsite hotel accommodation that is no more than $225/night (ideally <$200/night)
  • An easy to reach city with good national and international transport links for global delegates from 35+ countries
  • Opportunity for post-meeting tours or sightseeing (optional)

Your group would be responsible for

  • Assembling and leading the program committee to develop a comprehensive, varied, and interesting scientific program of both invited speakers and submitted abstracts. 
  • Promoting the meeting to your network of cryobiology colleagues and contacts, particularly in your wider local area. 
  • Assisting Society for Cryobiology administration with expert knowledge of the local area 
  • Optional participation in other areas of meeting organization if desired (logistics, fundraising etc)

The Society for Cryobiology would be responsible for 

  • Logistics
  • Meeting finances 
  • Fundraising 
  • Marketing 
  • All other aspects of meeting organization 

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