The Future is Bright

Sometimes the world can seem like a cruel and dismal place. With issues like climate crisis, world hunger, and rising income inequality, to name a few, we can be hard-pressed to put a positive "spin" on the future our children & grandchildren will inherit.

The Smithsonian Institution has a new Virtual Exhibition called "Your Future Guide" that can jump-start hope and creativity by showcasing some of the "futuristic" innovations that are happening in the present. After a 10-question survey about your personal interests, the exhibit showcases short videos about ideas and inventions happening right now. My personal "exhibit" told me about Bio-coffin for eco-friendly burials, AI robots to improve crop yield, designs to pull clean drinking water from the air, and more! 

Get your own personal exhibition and be invigorated by science and technology innovations in fields unrelated to yours. Share with family & friends. Who knows? You might inspire someone else.
*Opinion article from Amelia Hanson, Society for Cryobiology Administrator* 


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