New Editor-in-Chief for Cryobiology

I pleased to announce the new Editor-in-Chief of Cryobiology has been named as Prof. Janet A.W. Elliott. Prof. Elliott will assume the role of Editor-in-Chief on January 1, 2022.

After a 12-year tenure Prof. David Rawson recently made the decision to step down as Editor-in-Chief to enjoy a (second!) retirement, but also as he believes the role of Editor-in-Chief will be better served by someone who is still active in research.

“In 2009 I was still leading a research team in cryobiology and actively involved in reading and searching the literature to inform our work. I believe this level of involvement is vital for an editor and I’m delighted that the new Editor-in-Chief brings a high level of research activity. I’m certain Janet will bring the leadership needed and ensure the continuing success of the Journal,” said Prof. Rawson.

Prof. Elliott has been an Associate Editor of Cryobiology since 2015. This editorial experience, in tandem with her esteemed 25-year career in cryobiology, makes her a natural successor to Prof. Rawson. Prof. Elliott brings to the role expertise in thermodynamics and surface and colloid science, and extensive experience in experimental and computational cryobiology and cryopreservation of many cell and tissue types for medical and biotechnology applications.

Prof. Elliott says of her new role, “I am looking forward to applying my passion for interdisciplinary research to my new role as Editor-in-Chief of Cryobiology. I hope to continue, and enhance, Cryobiology’s standing as the premier journal to publish the highest quality papers in our field on a broad range of topics.”

My sincere thanks go to both Prof. Rawson for his outstanding service to the journal and the Society for Cryobiology, and to Prof. Elliott for accepting the Society’s invitation to follow in his footsteps.

If you have any questions or comments please email me at [email protected]

Kind Regards, 
Adam Higgins
President, Society for Cryobiology

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