Allison Hubel Elected to CryoFellow 2021

The Society for Cryobiology is pleased to announce Dr. Allison Hubel (University of Minnesota) has been elected as a CryoFellow at the Society's recent Board of Governors Meeting.

Dr. Hubel is Full Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Director of the BioCor (Biopreservation Core Resource), and Director of the Technological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota. Dr. Hubel combines her interest in heat and mass transfer, material science and biology to address issues related to preservation of cells and tissues for therapeutic applications. Her research focuses on the development of fit-for-purpose protocols for preservation, the development of technology to improve preservation/processing of cells, and the understanding of molecular mechanisms of cell/tissue cryoinjury during preservation. She pioneered the use of low temperature Raman Spectroscopy to understand damage to cells during freezing and has also been involved in commercialization of academic research both as a faculty innovator as well as developing programs to help faculty translate their research into commercial products. As an internationally recognized scientist and leader in cryobiology research and cryo-biomedical engineering, she was elected as a recipient of numerous national and international awards and honors, including the Outstanding Achievement in Biobanking Award, ISBER; Scholar of National Blood Foundation; Fellow of American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers; Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and Presidential Distinguished Faculty Mentor, University of Minnesota.

Dr. Hubel will be presented with the prestigious Basil J. Luyet CryoFellow medal at next year's Annual Meeting.


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