In Memoriam

Stanley LeiboIt is with great sadness that the Society has been notified of the death of long-term member and Fellow of the Society for Cryobiology, Stanley Leibo, on March 25, 2014.  Stan was an active member of the Society right from its inception and throughout the following 50 years, serving in many capacities on the Board of Governors, Editorial Board, and as President of the Society from 1985-1987.  Pictured left: Budhan Pukazhenthi, Stanley Leibo (center), Nucharin Songsasen at Cryo2013. 

Stan was Professor of Biological Science at the University of New Orleans and his research focused primarily on oocytes, spermatozoa and embryos of a wide variety of mammalian species.  His research and publication history spans over forty years in Cryobiology alone; his first manuscript appeared in 1969 and his most recent manuscript is currently in press and will appear in the April 2014 issue of the journal.  He was also a contributor to a wide range of other journals, most recently Zoo Biology, Theriogenology, Biology of Reproduction, Fertility and Sterility, Zygote, Biology of Reproduction, and Journal of Mammalian Ova Research, all in the last five years alone.

A memorial will be held for Stan in Houston, on Saturday April 5th.  For further details please contact the Society.

A feature celebrating Stan's life and achievements will appear in a forthcoming issue of Cryobiology.  Until then we leave you with a few parting thoughts from other Society members...

"He was one of our best with unbendable scientific integrity, amazing creativity to stay at the cutting-edge for decades, and incredible memory of everything published in the field.  He was one of my major sources of inspiration in science. It will be different without Stanley. I am a lucky man and a much better scientist to have known him."  Mehmet Toner

"Dr. Leibo was a wise sage, gentleman and a pioneering researcher in our community.  To me personally, he was an outstanding mentor in my early years at LSU and I'll miss the long conversations with him which over the years ranged from the proper use of "isotonic media", the difference between "osmolarity and osmolality", his anecdotes on his early pioneering research in cryobiology and many many more topics.  There are not enough words to describe him and he will be missed very much."  Ram Devireddy

“I have very fond memories of Stanley mostly from the Cryobiology social events but also fof his enduring and infectious enthusiasm for the subject.  His presence will be truly missed.  I’m sure that you’ll receive other emails from members of the editorial board and I hope that these can be passed onto the family so that they will know how much he was loved and admired by his colleagues across the world.”  Charles Hunt

"This most loved individual will be greatly missed by all who knew and worked with him.  Truly a scholar and a gentleman." David Rawson

 Above: Watch Stan's plenary lecture delivered at Cryo2013, "Milestones in Cryobiology".