Fellows of the Society for Cryobiology

The Society’s purpose of establishing a category of Cryo-Fellows in 2005 is to recognize individuals who have had an exemplary impact on the field of cryobiology. In the wider context, this is aimed at raising the profile of the Society for Cryobiology, as well as the individual elected, to a wider scientific audience.

Fellows have been nominated by the Board of Governors on the basis of their scientific impact of their research on cryobiology, and their sustained nature of that impact. Also of importance was whether the individual has generated scientific offspring and has contributed service to the Society.

John G. Baust

Binghamton, NY

United States

Peter Mazur+

Knoxville, TN

United States

John Bischof

Minneapolis, MN

United States

Harold T. Meryman+

Rockville, MD

United States

John H. Crowe

Davis, CA

United States

David E. Pegg


United Kingdom

Kenneth Diller

Austin, TX

United States

William Rall

Bethesda, MD

United States

Greg Fahy

Fontana, CA

United States

 Barbara M. Reed

Corvallis, OR

United States

Barry J. Fuller


United Kingdom 

Arthur W. Rowe

Stamford, CT

United States

Andrew A. Gage

Weeki Wachi, FL

United States 

James H. Southard

Madison, WI

United States

Valentin Grishenko+



Kenneth B. Storey

Ottawa, Ontario


Stanley P. Leibo+

New Orleans, LA

United States 

 Sajio Sumida



James E. Lovelock


United Kingdom

Michael J. Taylor


 United States

Locksley E. McGann



Mehmet Toner

Boston, MA

United States

John J. McGrath

East Lansing, MI

United States


 + = deceased