Cryo Vacancies

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Entomologist, Biologist or Cryobiologist Post-Doctoral Fellow
Location: Red River Valley Agricultural Research Center
Fargo, ND, USA
Closing Date: February 2, 2018

Senior Engineer - Cancer Immunotherapy 
Location: Kite, Santa Monica, CA, USA
Closing Date: Open until filled 

Four MSc and PhD Student Research Opportunities
 (2x oocyte, 1x sperm, 1x intercellular ice propagation in tissues) 
Location: University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Closing Date: Open until filled 

Postdoctoral Fellow (Organ Preservation)

Location: Center for Engineering in Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital & Harvard Medical School, USA
Closing Date: December 2017

Research Specialist Vacancy (rodent reproductive and cryopreservation laboratory) 
Location: University of Missouri-Columbia, USA
Closing Date: Open until filled

Postdoctoral Fellow (Millimeter-scale cryofluidic systems)
Location Stanford University, USA
Closing Date: Open until filled