Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020

Strategic Direction 1

The Society for Cryobiology will be the premier scientific membership organization representing all applicable fields of cryobiology particularly translational science and medicine.


  • Actively recruit and retain new members into the SfC from all applicable scientific fields of cryobiology
    • Identify potential new members using emails and other information from journal paper authors, annual meeting attendees, etc. 
    • Send out emails requesting that current members nominate new members 
  • Develop an open and friendly, scientific atmosphere in the society where members are welcome and can discuss opposing points of view based on sound science 
    • Recruit new members from all applicable fields of cryobiology 
    • Offer broader programming at the annual meeting and broader coverage in the journal(s)
    • Develop new and modify current products and services to meet broadening membership

Strategic Direction 2

The Society for Cryobiology will reflect the scientific interest of the membership in its products and services particularly at the annual meeting and in its journal.


  • Site the annual meeting at locations that are attractive, have plenty of amenities and attractions for family and friends, and near ample convenient transportation while rotating between the U.S., Europe, and Asia should be continued
    • Begin developing a distributed organisational model where staff and officers will select sites and organize the meeting
    • Develop and prepare a guide/blueprint document to eliminate yearly reinvention and make organising and implementing an annual meeting easier
    • Plan the meetings 2 – 4 years in advance and better manage them with the help of SfC staff to handle logistics, marketing, advertising, and support the meeting program chair(s)
    • Develop and use the distributed model to organise the annual meeting
    • Actively identify international sites 
    • Develop broader scientific programming for the meeting
  • Recruit new members from all applicable fields of cryobiology and have them participate in meeting programming
    • Develop affiliations and relationships with similar scientific societies
    • Identify societies and organizations similar to the SfC and offer them the chance to collaboratively program sessions at the annual meeting
  • Expand the publication of papers in Cryobiology into new areas/topics or explore the possibility of adding other related scientific journals
    • Recruit new members from all applicable fields of cryobiology and ask them to publish in our journal(s) 
    • Expand the Editorial Board to explore adding new areas/topics and possible journals 
  • Explore the reorganization of Cryobiology to handle repetitive papers that do not expand the science and the new areas/topics 
    • Charge the Editorial Board with examining the organization of the journal and ways to improve it

Strategic Direction 3

The Society for Cryobiology will pursue a course of financial stability and growth in order to add resources to improve service to its members.


  • Increase membership and continuously assess the dues structure to cover costs and add products and services
    • Recruit new members from all applicable fields of cryobiology and assess and adjust the current dues structure
  • Explore the issue of student membership and more productive use of SfC funds for alternative uses
    • Implement a task force to study this issue and make actionable recommendations to the Board of Governors
  • Actively pursue a strategy of gaining funding through grants, exhibitors, and sponsorships for annual meetings once the location has been selected and approved
    • Identify potential corporate sponsors to fund the annual meeting and possibly SfC and recognize their support on our website and with other appropriate forms of communication
    • Identify and pursue potential exhibitors at least a year or more in advance to give them time to schedule this activity
    • Develop an exhibitor kit to use to recruit annual meeting exhibitors
  • Continuously assess the journal cost and page charges for Cryobiology
    • Unless a reciprocal agreement is in place, charge for the publication of every page in our journal to at least cover costs
    • Continually assess the cost of the journal and adjust the price as necessary
  • Explore other revenue streams such as estate gifts for awards or research funding, corporate sponsorships, etc.
    • Develop materials for estate donations to SfC and send them to members for them to remember SfC in their will
    • Identify wealthy members as donors and seek funding for awards, meeting grants, etc.
    • Identify wealthy members and gauge interest in their establishing an endowed young investigator research grant

Strategic Direction 4

The Society for Cryobiology will effectively communicate its activities, products and services, and cryobiology’s vital role in addressing the world’s challenges to the public and policymakers.


  • Refresh the SfC website and add current information and content 
    • Examine and update every web page to insure it is current and remove old material 
    • Explore a possible new layout and refreshed look 
    • Send out scheduled emails requesting new information for the website e.g. awards, grants, tenure or promotions, recent publications and books, affiliated societies meetings, etc. 
  • Communicate more effectively with membership though the timely delivery of the SfC newsletter, emails, and social media 
    • Maintain the on time quarterly delivery of the Newsletter
    • Send out more and timely emails e.g. welcoming new members, announcing important awards or grants, announcing a death of a prominent cryobiologist, etc. 
    • Continue to actively post on social media
    • Consider hosting satellite workshops or sessions at related societies’ annual meetings

Strategic Direction 5

The Society for Cryobiology will revise its Bylaws and governance structure, and groom and prepared leaders to guide the Society into the future.


  • Review and revise the SfC Bylaws to reflect current practice and insure efficient and effective operation of the Society
    • Implement a task force with a specific deadline to modernize the Bylaws to reflect current and possibly future practice to insure the efficient and effective operation of the Society
    • After discussion by the Board, send the draft Bylaws to a parliamentarian to edit for final approval
  • Make use of member expertise to operate the Society through committees, task forces, or assignments and not through required assignment of officers to committees
    • Implement a task force with a specific deadline to explore how the work of the Society can be better accomplished in an efficient manner using these tools
    •  Explore mechanisms to groom and prepare interested and skilled members to run for office in the Society 
    • Implement a task force with a specific deadline to explore how this can be accomplished