IIR Workshop on Cryoprocessing of Biopharmaceuticals and Biomaterials

The International Institute of Refrigeration Workshop on Cryoprocessing of Biopharmaceuticals and Biomaterials, is to be held 4th and 5th September 2013 in Desden, Germany.

This workshop aims to provide an interdisciplinary scientific platform for a dialog and exchange of experiences between R&D-institutes and industry. The ILK Dresden and the Vienna University of Technology as the initiators and organizers of the workshop would like to invite all of you who have interest in that field to come to Dresden, Germany. Topics include:

Product freezing in pharmacy and biotechnology:
•    Understanding of protein damage caused by cold application
•    Process limitations and impact factors on product stability
•    Process validation - Analytics and monitoring in product freezing
•    Industrial freezing solutions Large scale and multi-product plant
•    Targeted optimization: Simulation of process and product loss
Cryogenic solutions in biomaterial development and application:
•    Cryogenic approaches in 3D biomaterial design
•    Industrial solutions in biopolymer processing
•    Regulatory aspects on biomaterials for  medicine and diagnostics
•    Application of 3D biomaterials in cell culture, medicine and diagnostics
•    Cryopreservation strategies for cellularized materials and artificial tissue

01.02.2013    First announcement
28.03.2013    Submission of abstracts
19.04.2013    Abstract acceptance notification
03.05.2013    Second announcement
31.05.2013    Early bird registration & accommodation
25.08.2013    Last information
For more information please visit http://www.ilkdresden.de/index.php?id=1156